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The Indispensable Guide To Essential Oils From A To Z

No one forgets their first experience with Young Living essential oils!  

I was introduced to Young Living by my dear friend Catherine back in 1997 and started with a bottle of Lavender!!  My desire back then was to use the essential oils to change what I was putting on my body and using in my home to create a toxin-free environment for myself and my sweet dog, Angel.  I remember switching from synthetic perfumes to using the essential oil blend "Joy" and what a difference that made!!

My background is in Nursing and I have been serving others for well over 40 years!!  For the last 20 plus years I have enjoyed serving clients of all ages in my private practice, Vibrational Healing From The Heart, Inc.  I found an incredible benefit for both myself as well as my clients when I used the essential oil blends that support emotional health and well-being as part of their healing sessions. What an amazing difference this has made over the years!!

In a world where so much of what we ingest is chemically produced - from medicines, to food, to household cleansers - and where there are so many environmental risks to our health and well-being, finding such high-quality, effective, and natural products is simply life-changing. Back in 1997 we didn't have all the wonderful Thieves products we have today for supporting a toxin-free and healthy home. What a blessing!

For me, Young Living is that rare company with the ability to support every aspect of my life, for which I am very grateful!

Wellness - both physical and emotional - through products that quickly become a part of everyday life (with incredible benefits). Purpose, through the ability to share the best of nature with others, and change lives in the process. And abundance, both through a renewed focus on nature's living energy as well as Young Living's lucrative financial rewards program.

It is my joy to serve you in any way I can. Whether it be to assist you in choosing the best essential oil or product for you or your family based on your current needs, helping you create a healthier, toxin-free home or sharing about a business opportunity if you have an interest in joining my Young Living team, please know that you can connect with me at any time ~ my phone and email are always "open" and available!

I look forward to sharing this amazing journey called Life with you,

Blessings of gratitude,

Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer

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